Marietas Island Tour

Marietas Islands Tour



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Marietas Islands Tour

Cost: $95 USD Adults / Kids (5-12) 48 USD / (-5) No Charge


  • Puerto Vallarta – Opequimar Pier at 7:45 am for Departure at 8 am
  • Nuevo Vallarta – Paradise Village Pier at 8:45 am for Departure at 9 am

This tour is 8 hours long

Marietas Islands Tour, leaves from Puerto Vallarta‘s Opequimar Pier at 8 am where we invite you a piece of sweet Mexican bread and coffee. After that, get ready to board by 8:00 am in Puerto Vallarta and 9:00 am by Nuevo Vallarta.

Once on board, you will get the rest of the continental breakfast, fruit of the season, accompanied with orange juice or pinneaple juice. The ride takes hour and a half to the islands during that time you will receive the snorkel gear and instructions for the activity beginners.

Marietas Islands Tour is a MUST VISIT place, where you will enjoy all the beautiful Birds, Tropical Fish, Plants and others species only located by season like Humpback Whales (December to March), sea turtles and Dolphins who come around our comfortable sailboats during the ride to the island.

Once we arrive to Marietas Island Tour, we get prepared to do the snorkeling, guided by professional staff, where you will enjoy beautiful sea tropical fishes and discover the marvelous blue footed boobies and brown boobies who stand posing by the rocks.

This is an EcoTour, where we will make sure to let you know all the restrictions and measures that are being taken, to control the access and damage made to this beautiful Park.

Before leaving Marietas Islands Tour we will make a ride around the place to provide you interesting information about the islands. Once finished visting Marietas Islands Tour it’s time to go back to Nuevo Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta with full entertainment by the crew, accompanied by your lunch on board and the Open Bar!

Islas Marietas Tour
  Entrance to the hidden beach is only available in these specific dates:
  • November: 3rd / 8th / 10th / 15th / 19th / 24th / 30th
  • December: 6th / 10th / 16th / 17th / 23rd



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