Frequently asked questions

Q: Is Puerto Vallarta SAFE?
A: Puerto Vallarta is very safe! There are local “tourist police”, who concentrate on keeping the area safe for visitors. They, and the locals, understand the value of visitors and make it their number one priority to keep you safe.

Q: I’m a Cruise Ship passenger, are there tours that work with my time constraints?
A: Absolutely! There are many tours that work with your schedule, some can even be customized to ift your needs.

Q: If it’s raining, will my tour be cancelled?
A: In Puerto Vallarta, we are used to a little rain. All our tours have been adapted to function rain or shine; your tour will not be cancelled!

Q: What if there is an unforeseen issue and I can’t make it to my tour?
A: In case of an emergency, please call us as soon as possible. Our operators are available 24/7 and will be happy to help you. Please have your booking confirmation and details when calling.

Q: What is the time zone in Puerto Vallarta?
A: The entire state of Jalisco is on Central Time as is the southern part of the stare of Nayarit.

Q: I heard that it rains a lot, is this true? How is the weather in Puerto Vallarta?
A: Tropical, humid with an average of 300 sunny days per year! The temperature averages 28C (82F). There is a misconception about “Rainy Season” in Puerto Vallarta, it does not rain constantly, it simply rains more frequently!

Q: What is the currency used in Mexico? Can I use American Dollars at local restaurants and businesses instead?
A: The Mexican Peso is the legal currency in Mexico although Canadian and American dollars are widely accepted at restaurants etc. at an unfavorable exchange rate.

Q: What is the population in Puerto Vallarta?
A: Puerto Vallarta has approximately 375,000 inhabitants; about 55,000 of those are permanent Canadian and American Snowbirds that call Puerto Vallarta home.

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