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Vallarta Snorkeling Los Arcos Tour

Los Arcos is an excellent and very safe snorkel site for the beginner as well as the experienced snorkeler. One can spend hours gliding above the coral reef and rocky bottom. Los Arcos is an underwater National Marine Park Reserve, protected by the Mexican Government. This title makes it so it is illegal to fish, or remove anything from the bottom for this reason friendly tropical life is there to enjoy by all. At any given time, you can expect an endless number of schools of angel fish, puffer fish, cornet fish, parrot fish, and damsels that feed on the shallow reefs of Los Arcos. Other sightings may include octopus, lobster and small spotted eagle rays.

The reef depth range is from 3-30 feet (1-9 meters) and the surface of the water is rarely choppy; therefore the visibility ranges from 15-50 feet (4-15 meters). Water temperatures range from 79°-86°F (26°-30°C) from June-December, and 70°-78°F (21°-26°C) from January-May.

Our favorite boats to service Los Arcos are specially designed to facilitate scuba diving and snorkeling activities enhancing superb stability and comfort. All vessels are have bathroom facilities, are fully carpeted and 85% shaded, all safety regulations are met including oxygen, First Aid kit, life jackets, radio and on-board insurance.

If you are accompanying a scuba diver to Los Arcos this is the trip you want! Scuba Divers and Snorkelers go out on the same boat trip!

Q: How is the visibility?
A: The visibility is great. You will always have the opportunity to see a variety of tropical fish at Los Arcos National Park. On rare occasions the crew may change the snorkeling area due to increased jelly fish in the water. This will only happen when and if your safety and health are at risk.

Q: What is the difference between this snorkeling tour and other snorkeling tours?
A: Snorkeling Los Arcos is more focused on snorkeling. This is not a booze cruise. No alcohol is served and our main objective is to enjoy the sights of a bay cruise on the way to our snorkeling location.

For those individuals who experience sea sickness we recommend taking a Bonine or Dramamine 1 hour before the tour.


videoimgsnorkelingarcosTour Prices

Children (0-12): $47
Adult: $72

Found this tour cheaper somewhere else? We’ll match it!

Age and Restrictions

All ages are welcome on this tour.

What Is Included

New equipment, light snack, plenty of fresh water, non alcoholic beverages, snorkeling lessons are included.

What You Need

Snorkeling equipment (optional), swimsuit, sun hat, sunscreen, camera, sandals and a dry change of clothes.

Tour Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

This tour is available at 10:00 daily. The tour duration is 5 hours.

Transportation Not Included – Please arrive 30 minutes before the tour. Exact meeting points and times will be provided on your tour voucher upon booking your reservation.


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