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Puerto Vallarta Zoo

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Located in Mismaloya, Jalisco 30 minutes away from Old Town Puerto Vallarta, a movie like tropical jungle covered by the canopy of the trees is where this Zoo adventure begins.

This naturally tropical environment provides the perfect setting for more than 400 mammal, bird and reptile inhabitants inside this complex. Half the animals on display are indigenous to Mexico.

Baby Tiger

Once inside, feel free to pet the animals, since this their goal is to create a place of recreational understanding as to the current goals of today’s modern zoos, based on the enormous educational potential that can be offered, with the means to promote and develop a conscience of life understanding that helps to preserve and enrich the knowledge of the relation between humans and the environment.

We invite you to admire the majestic white tigers and the elegant flamingos, feel the tenderness of the macaco and the squirrel monkey. Enjoy the ferocity of the lions and jaguars, discover enigmatic black panthers. Touch, caresses and feed the animals at the Puerto Vallarta Zoo.

The Zoo also has a nice restaurant with a wide variety of Mexican dishes and snacks for your enjoyment, as well as an assortment of reasonably priced zoo tour packages designed to cater to your paticular interests. In the near future, the zoo will also feature rental cabins, a railway, a water park and an amusement park, in the hopes that it will soon become one of Latin America’s most recognized recreational and educational parks.
The imagination and the good will of the Castañeda Jimenez family, who own the zoo, is reflected in all its splendor at El Zoologico de Vallarta. This amusement center not only provides a safe place for animals in danger of extintion, but also gives Puerto Vallarta an additional attraction that no tourist, nor resident should miss.

They also have a restaurant were you can get a short bite if you get hungry. Their menu includes options like quesadillas, tacos, beef, burritos, burguers, chicken nuggets wings. For Drinks they have lemonade, beer, juice, sodas, water and coffee.

The Zoo is open everyday from 10 am to 6 pm.

Special Package: $85 USD per person


  • Entrance to the park
  • 1 Bag of food to feed the animals
  • Interaction with the monkeys
  • Interaction with baby cubs
  • 2 Refreshing drinks
  • 1 Souvenir or a T-shirt


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